Twin Saga – New combat trailer for upcoming anime-style MMORPG

[Game website] Get ready for combat! Global publisher Aeria Games has just released new details about the fighting system in their upcoming free-to-play anime MMO, Twin Saga. Players will have the freedom to play as any class they want without switching characters, unleash devastating Ultimate Moves to finish opponents, and command warriors known as Senshi to fight alongside them in battle.


Switch classes, not characters: Players will be able to play as any unlocked class they like, without changing characters. Need more power to take down a tough enemy? Become a Mage. Need a healer for the next dungeon? Break out the Cleric.

Command Senshis in battle: Players can recruit warriors known as Senshi to fight at their sides. These loyal companions use their own abilities and Ultimate Moves, and can even be swapped out in battle according to the situation. Using rare and powerful tomes, it’s rumored they can be evolved into even stronger forms!

Dominate enemies with powerful Ultimate Moves: Players can charge up their character’s SP gauge by using abilities in battle, then unleash a devastating Ultimate Move. Every class has three Ultimate Moves available, each with distinct effects that can help turn the tide of a battle.


In addition, Twin Saga features a unique housing system and thrilling PvE and PvP combat against the backdrop of a detailed, anime-style universe. And just an additional note, the Founder’s Beta will begin on August 9th (US time)! The seven available Founder’s Packs offer a range of items that give players the chance to choose a pack that’s perfect for them. Now’s the time to prepare for adventure!

Twin Saga Founder Packs