Twin Saga – Founder’s Packs now available for head-start and more

[Game website] Twin Saga, the new anime MMORPG from popular developer X-Legend Entertainment, is set to make its debut this August, when the game’s first beta periods begin! Players are gearing up to climb aboard their Terracottages and discover the land of Aetherion, so publisher Aeria Games is offering Founder’s Packs to fans eager to get a head-start on their adventures.

Twin Saga Founder Packs

The seven available Founder’s Packs offer a range of items that give players the chance to choose a pack that’s perfect for them. The packs also offer several exclusive costumes and mounts for players looking to show off their personal style. All Founder’s Packs come with guaranteed access to this exclusive beta as well! Twin Saga will launch as a Free-to-Play game in English, German and French.