Tree of Savior – Japan server to enter Open Beta next month under Nexon

Nexon Japan, publisher of Tree of Savior, recently announced at an event that the game will enter Open Beta on 24 August, with official launch scheduled for a month later. Developed by IMC Games, founded by the “father” of Ragnarok Online Mr Hakkyu Kim (pictured at event below), Tree of Savior Japan will begin with a level 280 cap, 7 job tiers, hundreds of quests and items, new maps and more.

Tree of Savior Japan - Mr Hakkyu Kim

In case you did not know, IMC Games developed Granado Espada, otherwise known as Sword of the New World. Compared to the disastrous global English launch due to bugs and unstable connections among many other troubles, Nexon is keeping a tight rein on Tree of Savior in South Korea and Japan. Japan gamers can look forward to seeing IP collaborations with anime series in the future.