Ragnarok Mobile – Summer Test phase begins exclusively in China

Developed by Chinese studio Xindong, and with the IP officially-licensed from Gravity, Ragnarok Mobile entered its Summer Test phase in China a couple of days back. Limited to very few gamers, Ragnarok Mobile is the faithful recreation of the PC MMORPG for mobile devices. Xindong has worked painstakingly to try and port over as many features as possible while fitting the smaller screens.

If you did not know, there is even a 2016 version of Theme of Prontera for Ragnarok Mobile by ESTi, who worked on the original Ragnarok Online. There are now 5 starting classes and first job advancements, monster card system, tons of costumes and mounts, iconic towns and maps, and many more. New features confirmed include:

1. Holding Hands – 2 players in the same party are able to hold hands. Player A who accept this function will be teleported to Player B who initiated the action. Player B will then take the lead in moving around, even defending Player A during combat. I have yet to see how this actually works, but this function works for both gender and not exactly a couple system. More details when available!

Ragnarok Mobile - Holding Hands

2. Game Camera – Basically, players can take screenshots of the scenery or anything in-game using the Game Camera. There are various functions, including zoom-in, changing of angels, and even turn your mobile device 360 degrees to look around in the game world. Pretty much like a panoramic view in-game. I have no idea what benefits this feature provides, but I guess it is more of a casual addition.

Ragnarok Mobile - Game Camera feature

The other brand new features named but yet to be introduced include “Hot Air Balloon”, “Ferris Wheel”, and something related to astronomy. Xindong will be making its presence known next week at the annual ChinaJoy, heavily promoting Ragnarok Mobile. No overseas server has been confirmed. For more news about the game, keep track of the game tag here and read my previous articles!