Tianxia – NetEase looking to mobile MMORPG for global expansion

Developed in China by NetEase, Tianxia is a PC online game which had gone through 8 years of immense success domestically. Moving into the mobile age, the mobile version of Tianxia (no name change) was first announced in May, and recently NetEase took the game to E3 2016. Crafted using NetEase’s Messiah engine, Tianxia is touted as a full-fledged MMORPG for portable devices.


According to NetEase, the breathtaking graphics of Tianxia rivaled the quality of PC games, and gained a lot of attention from pro gamers and industry insiders for its intricate design, full-screen interactive maps, and dramatic PVP battles with over one hundred players in the same area. Apparently, players can also explore the seamless open world of Tianxia without having to wait for areas to load.


The pride of NetEase, the Messiah engine has been awarded with more than 20 patents of original design, and is fully compatible with advanced game technologies such as physical-based rendering, normal mapping, GPU Sprites, and real-time lighting. NetEase, with little popularity outside of China, is gearing up Tianxia as one of its flagship mobile games for global expansion in the near future.

Tianxia - E3 2016 demo