Black Desert – Developer confirms mobile version is in the works

South Korean studio PearlAbyss, developer of Black Desert, was reported by several local gaming sites that it has confirmed a mobile version of Black Desert is being worked on. The team is still deciding which content from the PC version can be ported over, but stated a new mobile-optimized in-house engine will be used, similar to Black Desert. PearlAbyss expects the game to be ready next year.

Black Desert


  1. It’d not pay to win at all. It’s pay to skip. Whatever you get with money you can get in game sometimes longer sometimes shorter. Depending on the events. The US are doing great making loyal/returning/new players stick around.

  2. Is not out for console and they confirm for mobile? i think this kakao maravellao company is another scam as Trion.

      • that is the joke. Also with an instanced game like this. Meanwhile BDO is going plenty of bots and hacks, and some exploits as happened in Archeage. No comment about p2w cash shop.

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