Galaxy Reavers – Space-themed mobile RTS goes live on App Store

Galaxy Reavers, published by Good Games, officially launches on App Store today. After The World II: Hunting Boss, which is consistently top-ranked on the App Store, Galaxy Reavers is the next project which Good Games hope to achieve the same results. Galaxy Reavers received good responses during Closed Beta for its fantastic 3D graphics and grand battle scenes, as well as innovative RTS gameplay.


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The main features of Galaxy Reavers include:

1. Unique RTS gameplay with pre-deployment and hand-operated systems

2. 7 types of powerful AAA warships and mighty weapons to choose from

3. Unlimited view perspective to capture the gorgeous 3D space surroundings

4. High-end 3D graphics and realistic sound effects to enjoy galactic battles like never before

Galaxy Reavers screenshot 1 Galaxy Reavers screenshot 2