Galaxy Reavers – New space-themed mobile RTS launching next month

[Facebook page] Developed by China-based developer Goodgames, Galaxy Reavers is an upcoming space-themed mobile ETS launching for iOS devices next month. Crafted using Unity with stunning 3D graphics, players will take direct control of cutting-edge warships to battle against enemies, build up and customize equipment pool, and arrange to form super fleets to conquer the vast galaxy.


The main features of Galaxy Reavers include:

1. Unique RTS gameplay with pre-deployment and hand-operated systems

2. 7 types of powerful AAA warships and mighty weapons to choose from

3. Unlimited view perspective to capture the gorgeous 3D space surroundings

4. High-end 3D graphics and realistic sound effects to enjoy galactic battles like never before

Galaxy Reavers screenshot 1 Galaxy Reavers screenshot 2