Tree of Savior – Founder’s Server packages to go on sale soon

And the wait is nearly over! Depending on where you are staying, the Founder’s Server packages for Tree of Savior will go on sale on 16 March. The exact time has not been set, as it will be dependable on what time the game is authorized on Steam. Purchasers of these packages will get access to the game server for up to a whooping 3 months earlier. I guess we will be the bug testers!

Tree of Savior - Founder's Server packages

Developer IMC Games revealed these packages are to deter free bot accounts, and gamers with local servers will not be allowed into the global version. IMC Games also confirmed the global English version will contain customized contents that won’t be seen in the Korean version! Tree of Savior Global English server will launch in Free-to-Play mode on 19 June on Steam. My wallet is already out!