TERA – Tougher dungeons and bosses arrive in Dawnfall content update

[Play now] En Masse Entertainment today announces the launch of, Dawnfall, the latest update for its popular action MMORPG, TERA. Available now on PC, Dawnfall adds a variety of exciting new content to TERA, ranging from a hard-mode dungeon to the return of a high-level challenge mode, and more. TERA continues to be a benchmark MMORPG with its action combat and stunning visuals.


Dawnfall welcomes the Island of Dawn, an area familiar to TERA veterans, now lays burning — a wasteland ridden with foul creatures — after the destruction of the World Tree. It’s up to players to rid the starting zone of invaders. Featuring an all-new storyline and daily quests, the Island of Dawn will reward players with tokens exchangeable for tier 7 and 8 gear, accessories, and crafting components.

TERA - Island of Dawn

Dawnfall sees the return of a fan-favorite, Dreadspire. This challenge-based dungeon pits groups of players against classic dungeon bosses with updated skills and powers to obtain tier 9 weapons and armor, and a chance to own Smolder— a fiery black-lion mount. Prepare for the worst as Forsaken Island (Hard) will pit players against lethal versions of three of the toughest bosses ever seen in TERA.

TERA - Dreadspire