Laplace – 2nd class advancements and Closed Beta announced in Taiwan

Developed by Taiwanese studio X-Legend Entertainment, famed for games such as Dragomon Hunter and Aura Kingdom, Laplace will enter Closed Beta in Taiwan on 10 March. An action MMORPG with isometric quarter view, the 2nd class advancements were announced recently together with a new game trailer. There are now 2 paths to choose from for each 1st advancement class.


The 2 different class advancements differ in both skills and party roles, hence players must choose wisely. In Laplace, each class have its basic skills, while other skills come from the weapons. For example, a mage can hold a sword and shield (caster + melee), while a scout can be equipped with a staff (traps + caster). The more time spent on using a weapon, the more powerful the skills become.

Laplace class tree 1 Laplace class tree 2 Laplace class tree 3 Laplace class tree 4