Contra Mobile – Tencent and Konami revives classic shooter for mobile

I remember playing one of the many Contra consoles games long ago on SEGA Genesis, and it became the first ever 2D side-scroll shooter I have ever played. After a few lacklustre sequels in the past decade, Tencent and Konami announced Contra Mobile at the annual Tencent UP, presumably a China-exclusive title. The classic features are left untouched, and there is 2-player co-op as well!


4 playable characters are currently revealed, though a new one is currently shadowed, most likely as a post-launch update. A new feature added is 1 vs 1 PVP, which does not really seem interesting at all. There is a lack of game information now, including how will players be monetized. I can’t see the characters wearing fancy cash costumes… But worse had happened before. Stay tuned for updates!

Contra Mobile characters