Dragon’s Dogma Online – Trailers for new Alchemist class and update 1.3

On 10 March, developer Capcom will be updating Dragon’s Dogma Online with version 1.3, with a new Alchemist class in the mix. Very different from any classes we have seen in online games thus far, Alchemist attacks and defends using the power of different minerals, as seen in the gameplay trailer below. His ability to turn into solid gold, together with his attackers, is very intriguing indeed.


Similar to previous updates, Capcom has prepared a few new maps, dungeons, monsters, and a variety of bosses to once again challenge the high level players. That is not all, as for the first time, all classes in Dragon’s Dogma Online will be getting a new skill as well! All these are shown in the version 1.3 introduction trailer. Capcom previously also mentioned version 2.0 is scheduled this summer.