Armored Warfare – New coastal town map arriving later this week

[Play now] Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher unveil new information about the upcoming update 0.13 coming to Armored Warfare on 11 February (US time). Coastal Threat is a brand-new map for PvP and brings great possibilities for all classes of vehicles that capitalize on their strategic use in the thick of battle. Have a better sense of the new map in the trailer below!


An otherwise peaceful town on the coastline, destruction is left in the wake of armored combatants fighting to take hold of its natural resources. This 1200×1200 meter map consists of several regions that offer plenty of space to flank opponents – the southern bay area and the north offer wide arcs of fire, while the city can be used by heavier and slower vehicles to advance under cover.

Armored Warfare - Coastal Threat map screenshot 1 Armored Warfare - Coastal Threat map screenshot 2