Trinium Wars – Sci-fi online game announced for Steam Early Access

[Steam page] Originally announced as L.A.W: Living After War under European publisher Alaplaya back in 2011, the game did not launch in the end. Now, it is staging a comeback under a new game name (Trinium Wars), a new studio name (Hanmaru Soft), and with a new publisher, InselGames. Trinium Wars will be available via Steam Early Access on 17 Feb, around 4-6 months before launch.


Trinium Wars offers an enthralling storyline around two competing factions. The Narc came to Earth in a quest for a new home, and with their cat ears add a slight fantasy touch to the post-apocalyptic setting. The second faction are the Humans, who left Earth after the nuclear devastation of World War III. After 200 years living in space, they are now reclaiming what once belonged to them.

Trinium Wars screenshot 1

The MMORPG offers three classes at total: Warrior, Ghost and Esper, representing the most popular class types Tank, Healer and Dealer but with a free skill system. Players can add and change skill sets to their liking and according to their play style. For PVP, up to five players with a minium of level 10 and above can join together to compete in MOBA-style fights against the other factions.

Trinium Wars screenshot 2

For future content updates, Hanmaru Soft has already prepared the Resource War in which up to 1000 players fight against each other on one map, building up their base and mining the precious Trinium. Fallen foes will give the player Battle Points, which can be traded in for vehicles like robots, tanks or helicopters. While Trinium Wars look out of place in 2016, perhaps the gameplay might intrigue.

Trinium Wars screenshot 3 Trinium Wars screenshot 4