MapleStory 2 – Players can now fish and start a musical concert

After the new Rune Blader class was added in early December, MapleStory 2 last week received the 3rd of 5 parts of its annual winter update. This new patch added 2 social features, mainly fishing and music composing (and concert). Fishing in MapleStory 2 is a pretty standard, with different types of fishing rods to use, fishes to catch (different sizes of the same fish), and fashion costumes as well!

MapleStory 2 fishing

Next is the new music composing and concert function. This looks pretty awesome for the musically-inclined players, as they are able to compose their own music and perform in front of other players. There are currently just 2 musical instruments, piano and guitar, and players can perform solo or in a group of 4. There are bonus perks like costumes to encourage players to use this function.

MapleStory 2 music

Finally, there is a new end-game PVE island for players to explore, along with 3 new open-world bosses and a new set of end-game weapons as well. There are new dungeons for solo players, along with 4-man and 10-man ones to challenge. There is currently no confirmation of an English launch for MapleStory 2, but I could at least say Nexon will be handling the North America and Europe servers.

MapleStory 2 Dec 2015 update