Armored Warfare – Camouflage system adds new tactical element

[Play now] Developer Obsidian and publisher are proud to present the camouflage system for Armored Warfare! Players can unlock various camouflage and paint options, which can then be mixed and matched to allow for personalized customization of your vehicle. Each vehicle has three Camouflage/Paint configurations defined for different environment types (Woodland, Desert or Snow).


Tank commanders may purchase camouflage through the customization interface in the garage for either gold or in-game credits, while paint is currently unlocked through completing achievements for free. Once unlocked, it can be applied to any owned vehicle. Camouflage adds a buff to the vehicle’s camouflage rating, which will help in hiding from enemies and attacking from concealment.

Armored Warfare - Camouflage screenshot 1 Armored Warfare - Camouflage screenshot 2 Armored Warfare - Camouflage screenshot 3