Tree of Savior – Nexon announces Open Beta date for Korean server

Earlier today, Nexon finally announced the Open Beta date for Tree of Savior in South Korea. The highly-anticipated MMORPG will head into Open Beta on 17 December, at 15:00 Korea Standard Time. With such a precise timing, I am 100% sure that the servers would crash due to the immense stress load. Nevertheless, there are several new content updates for the Open Beta client.


1. 2 starting cities to choose from

Most players would already have known this by now, and the choice of starting cities will affect the starting quests players get.

2. Increased level cap

The level cap for Open Beta is set at 280, a 80-level increment from Closed Beta 3.

3. New maps and monsters

Well, this is not surprising given the increased level cap. These maps will have new background music (BGM) as well.

4. Ranked maps

Maps are ranked according to stars, the higher number of stars, the tougher the monsters, and the better the rewards. Monsters will be more aggressive as well at higher star levels.

5. Rank 7 classes added

I would say the main feature of Tree of Savior is still the deep class system, and I could imagine developer IMC Games having one hell of a time balancing them. Still, here are the new ones added in Open Beta. The class names for Rank 1 to 6 can be found here.


Tree of Savior - Dragoon female Tree of Savior - Dragoon male


Tree of Savior - Templar female Tree of Savior - Templar male


Tree of Savior - Warlock female Tree of Savior - Warlock male


Tree of Savior - Featherfoot female Tree of Savior - Featherfoot male


Tree of Savior - Cannoneer female Tree of Savior - Cannoneer male


Tree of Savior - Musketeer female Tree of Savior - Musketeer male

Plague Doctor

Tree of Savior - Plague Doctor female Tree of Savior - Plague Doctor male


Tree of Savior - Kabbalist female Tree of Savior - Kabbalist male

6. Guild system

According to the reports, only the Templar class can start a guild (Guild Leader) at 10 million in-game currency. The starting capacity for guild members is 20. The Guild Leader can then find a nice spot to begin building the guild base, where special guild events, exclusive companions, farming system, and more are available. There are many more new features, but these are the core few.

Tree of Savior - Guild feature