TERA – Action MMORPG ending the year with a Knockout game update

[Play now] En Masse Entertainment recently announced the launch of the Knockout release for TERA. Available now on PC, Knockout finishes the year strong for the popular MMORPG with one final release packed with content for new, existing and returning players. This massive update features yet another exciting new character class, two dangerous end-game dungeons and new top-tier gear.


At the core of Knockout is a groundbreaking new tank class known as the Brawler. Wielding massive powerfists to deliver devastating melee blows, the female-only class dishes up powerful moves and combos to send her enemies flying into the air and deal massive damage to BAMs (Big-Ass Monsters). The Brawler class amps up TERA’s already legendary action combat in both damage and style.

TERA Brawler screenshot 1 TERA Brawler screenshot 2

Knockout includes two new level 65 dungeons. Conquer Kalivan’s Dreadnaught, a huge pirate ship infested with BAMs and bosses, and players will be rewarded with Dreadnaught gear. This new tier 8 gear will give players enough power to land on the Forsaken Island, a haunted isle with the toughest bosses in the game, where they can earn materials for crafting tier 9 Starfall weapons and armor.

TERA Brawler screenshot 3 TERA Brawler screenshot 4