Armored Warfare – Festive season begin with free tank and discounts

[Play now] Today, developer Obsidian and publisher announced extensive holiday celebrations happening in Armored Warfare. All players who log in from now through Jan 3 will receive the legendary Type 59 Battle Tank for free! In the same festive period, players will receive in-game reputation boosts and discounts on some of the most sought-after machinery in the game.


Discounts and bonuses

Obsidian Entertainment and publisher are proud to inform that Armored Warfare players will get more bang for their buck in Dec and the first days of Jan 2016. Great discounts for premium time and player favorite vehicles will be in effect throughout the period as well as triple reputation boost for every first round won on a day.

Limited Edition ICE vehicles

To further honor the season, Obsidian Entertainment and present the limited ICE vehicle edition, featuring five Main Battle Tanks and several special bundles that are prepared for all commanders, available from the 18th of Dec to the 31st of Dec, 2015.

Armored Warfare ICE vehicle

Update 0.12

The North American and European servers will see the newest addition to Armored Warfare Update 0.12 implemented today! This update will bring several major features like a camouflage system overhaul, a new tank destroyer ability, player statistics sharing as well as other game improvements. Commanders can also expect some seasonal decorations and surprises in the garage overlay.

Free Legendary Type 59 Battle Tank

Obsidian Entertainment’s holiday present for all players is the Type 59 Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank! Few tanks achieved such a legendary status as the Type 59 thanks to the mixture of excellent protection and great firepower while still keeping its mobility, traits it will appear with in Armored Warfare as well.