War Rage – NetEase showcasing massive PVP war game at G-Star

NetEase is China’s second biggest games publisher and developer in China (after Tencent), and it has brought a surprise game over to G-Star 2015 in South Korea. Titled War Rage, the game is developed by an in-house CHAOS engine with elements of the RTS genre and action games. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Kingdom Under Fire II, where players get to control thousands of units.


Do note that the trailer is showing a pre-Alpha version of the game. War Rage has an ancient China setting, and fans of classics such as Romance of the Three Kingdom would love the sceneries. According to reports, a member of the studio, Booming Games, was part of the Destiny and Halo teams. War Rage has been in development for 5 years, mainly due to the self-made CHAOS engine.

War Rage screenshot 1 War Rage screenshot 2

In a market where every developer, big and small, are leaning towards mobile games, it is definitely relieving to still see new, high quality PC online games. Although War Rage seems to have part of the game translated in English, NetEase’s US office is currently focused on publishing mobile games, hence I doubt English gamers will ever try the game out. More G-Star 2015 updates here!

War Rage screenshot 3 War Rage screenshot 4