Sphere 3: Enchanted World – New MMORPG prepares for global launch

[Game register] Russian developer NIKITA ONLINE recently announced that its new MMORPG, Sphere 3: Enchanted World, will be available worldwide later this fall. Players will take a journey through an epic fantasy world, where the game prides itself as PvP-based with hardcore non-target system! Play it for free to experience massive battles, breathtaking castle sieges, deep storyline and more.


Created for the most hardcore players, one of the core features of Sphere 3 is its non-target combat system. Only small starting areas are free from confrontation between players! The fiercest battles will flare up within the vicinity of the local castles. The ability to use an arsenal of special weapons (catapults, siege tower, ram) allows players to constantly experiment both in attack and defense.


Along with tactical sharpness and well-coordinated team play, gamers of Sphere 3 will be able to show maximum individual skill — a fighting system without auto-aim (non-target) offers a high degree of freedom for the experienced fighters (including switching between first and third person modes) as well as a “light” mode for beginners. Did I mention there are 9 classes to choose from?

Sphere 3 screenshot 1 Sphere 3 screenshot 2

With a focus on PVP action around a large area, the game engine of Sphere 3 is optimized in such way as to provide players with the most comfortable gameplay even the most action-packed game situations, even if computing power and internet connection speed leave much to be desired. For those preferring a more peaceful time, the PVE server will launch alongside the PVP server as well.

Sphere 3 screenshot 3 Sphere 3 screenshot 4