Point Blank – 5 mobile games based on popular online shooter revealed

South Korea developer Zepetto is very ambitious, and to the extent of revealing 5 different mobile games based on its most popular game, Point Blank. For those who did not know, Point Blank (or Piercing Blow in North America) is very successful in Asia, Russia, Turkey and in fact, many parts of the world. Seen below are all 5 mobile games, with one of them already launched on Google Play.

Zepetto G-Star 2015

Point Blank Raiders and Point Blank Open Fire

Point Blank Raiders is listed as a “casual” mobile game, while Point Blank Open Fire is a “strategy” one. Not much is known about these 2 games, hence gamer will have to stay tuned for more details.

Point Blank Mobile

This is the most genuine mobile game staying true to the PC version. Point Blank Mobile is a third person shooter, with reportedly over 100 weapons to choose from. Some modes and maps are apparently ported straight from the PC version as well.


Point Blank Counter Attack

Rather than a third person camera view, Counter Attack has a top-down view, just like in action RPG games. The art style here is more towards the anime and cute direction, though the thrill of shooting almost everything stays the same. There are around 70 weapons here.


Point Blank Survivors

Point Blank Survivors has already launched on Google Play for Android devices. The gameplay is similar to Plants vs Zombies and perhaps tower defense titles, with players having to defend themselves against waves after waves of zombies.