Kingdom Under Fire II – Elusive online game appeared at G-Star 2015

A few years back, Kingdom Under Fire II was one of the hottest online game everyone talked about. A mixture of non-target action and real time strategy elements, insane graphics, and 10,000 actual units in one screen were just some of the highlights. While a couple of servers have launched in Southeast Asia, the game never took off worldwide. But developer Blueside was surprisngly at G-Star 2015.


Apparently, it was the first time the public could try out Kingdom Under Fire II on PlayStation 4. It makes sense, since Blueside’s booth is part of Sony PlayStation bigger area. While I am not sure what is with the delayed launch in regions such as North America and Europe, the Korean server will have to look for a new home after publisher Hangame decided to quit publishing PC online games.

Kingdom Under Fire II - G-Star 2015 booth