Bless – Unreal Engine 3 masterpiece delayed to fix game elements

Neowiz Bless Studio, developer of Bless, has confirmed the Unreal Engine 3 online game has been delayed indifinitely. The development team is working on fixing and improving 9 major game elements, such as server technology, user interface (UI), character customization, quest system, and combat (movement, dungeon difficulty etc). Small-scale Focus Group Test will resume next month.

Bless - Artificial lighting update


  1. Sigh~ so much focus on graphic shine that nearly damn everything else is utterly ignored… and then people surprised why they get bored so fast. Because you can look at a pretty picture only so much before you will tire of it, why else.

    I like that female armor in the logo though, proper fucking armor.. at least topside.
    So tired of the boob-galore everywhere.

    So what’s with this i wonder.. they thought they ain’t quite up to par with black desert or something? I don’t think they need to worry about that.
    Still, it’s good to see them care about their own game.

    • At least they’re taking their time to improve on the game instead of rushing it out. Shows they’re trying.

      • Yes but i don’t think they should delay it too long, the sooner they release it, especially in west and eu, the better their chances to undercut black desert. People ain’t pleased with black desert right now, a good chance that they will jump ship and if Bless will be there to offer that ship then kudos to them. 🙂

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