Ultimate Weapon – Perfect World China unveils new competitive game

Last month, Perfect World China teased a new competitive game for its venture into the eSports market. The game was recently revealed as Ultimate Weapon, and it will be a third-person PVP title. Other than Dota 2, Perfect World doesn’t have a foothold in China’s booming eSports market, dominated by Tencent Games. To be honest, Ultimate Weapon looks like a long shot to tackle that.


Developed in-house by Perfect World China, Ultimate Weapon is the company’s take on a team-based eSports game. There are currently 22 heroes already announced, with more to come in the future. These heroes are divided into 4 categories – Warrior, Assassin, Shooter, and Support. I am really not sure why, but most the character designs seem oddly familiar with other popular game characters…

Ultimate Weapon - Hero types

There are also 8 maps, each with different objectives and layout, revealed. Here is where I think the game will fail miserably in the competitve scene. Perfect World has boasted the maps will have different “random encounters”, meaning random events will happen. Since when are random events happening in a competitive eSports game? With Closed Beta on the horizon, good luck to the game!