Final Fantasy XIV – 3.0 announced for China after massive server merge

Shanda Games, the publisher for Final Fantasy XIV in China, recently completed a massive server merge for the game. From a total of 33 servers, these are now consolidated into just 6. Shanda acknowledged this was to kill off the less populated servers. If you do not know, the China server is using the same Pay-to-Play business model, though there are hours and season packages.

Final Fantasy XIV China server merge

Heavensward, or update 3.0, was also announced for China, scheduled to arrive this Autumn. According to rumors, it will be a free content patch rather than a paid expansion like the global server. From the lazy logo, it is as though Shanda Games is no longer caring about Final Fantasy XIV. With not many Pay-to-Play online games left in China, Final Fantasy XIV might be on its last legs.

FFXIV Heavensward China image