Cabal 2 – Ruins of the Gods arriving soon with new dungeons and more

[Play now] Developer and publisher ESTsoft today revealed details for its latest content update for Cabal 2, available starting 14 October. The new update features an all-new map zone, Gray Canyon, for gamers at level 40 and above to explore along with additional dungeons and a higher level cap. Do note that IP block is still enforced, despite Asiasoft being very silent about the English SEA server.


The expanded map isn’t without its perks, as it includes three new high level dungeons that contain quests for upgraded gear drops. Silent Snowfield (a level 43 dungeon), Ancient Academy (level 45), and Tomb of Kain (completion of the other two dungeons required for entry), will offer players their most difficult dungeon challenges yet. And yes, the max level cap has been increased to 45!

Cabal 2 - Azuma boss screenshot Cabal 2 - Ice Queen boss screenshot