Armored Warfare – Open Beta is now live for all players around the world

[Play now] Armored Warfare has entered Open Beta! Beginning now, the multiplayer tank combat game is open to all players worldwide (no IP block) and available in English, German, French, Polish, and Russian languages. Armored Warfare offers challenging PVP and cooperative PVE modes, over 60 modern armored vehicles and maps from unique environments from around the world.


Created exclusively to commemorate the start of Open Beta, brand new Armored Warfare Collector’s Editions are now available for purchase. Aside from securing players stockpiles of credits, gold and Premium Account time, these packages will let players get access to unique armored vehicles. The new Collector’s Editions and the bonuses that each package grants are as listed below.

Armored Warfare - Open Beta image

OPERATION EMPEROR Edition – the ultimate edition that includes 5 exclusive and premium vehicles, a long-lasting premium account and lots of gold and credits:

•2 exclusive tanks: Mowag Taifun II, RDL/LT

•3 premium tanks: LAV 150-90, FV433 Abbot, Object 430

•120 days of Premium Account Time

•6,000,000 Credits

•6,500 Gold

•“Emperor”, “Typhoon”, and “Lightning” achievements

•+25% credits & experience for 2 weeks

OPERATION TYPHOON Edition – an exclusive pack presenting Mowag Taifun II tank destroyer that was developed as a private project for the Swiss army. Built as a single prototype and never mass-produced, now it is reborn in Armored Warfare along with:

•60 days of Premium Account Time

•3,000,000 Credits

•3,250 Gold

•”Typhoon” achievement

•+25% credits & experience for 1 week

OPERATION LIGHTNING Edition – an exclusive pack featuring RDF/LT, firstly introduced in 1980 for U.S. Army and presented in several prototypes with various guns. Never went into mass production and now available in Armored Warfare along with:

•60 days of Premium Account Time

•3,000,000 Credits

•3,250 Gold

•“Lightning” achievement

•+25% credits & experience for 1 week

Armored Warfare - Mowag Taifun II screenshot

Armored Warfare will continue to receive regular content updates throughout its Open Beta from the dedicated development team, including new PvP maps, new PvE missions, additional vehicles through brand new dealers, improvements to the Base system and more leading up to the game’s official release. All player progress and items purchased in the Open Beta will carry over to the full release.

Armored Warfare - RDL-LT screenshot