First Assault – Nexon renames Ghost in the Shell Online for English version

[Closed Beta register] While “Ghost in the Shell Online” technically is still visible in the game logo, Nexon will now refer to the game as First Assault. Developed by Neople (Dungeon Fighter Online), First Assault is an online shooter based on the Stand Alone Complex series in Ghost in the Shell. Sadly, the game is not launching worldwide, and you can see the supported regions right here.


Players assume the role of an elite augmented soldier, where their unique skill sets and weaponry make them faster, tougher and more lethal than any human combatant in the urban battlefields of the future. Combine unique abilities with team members via SkillSync to decimate enemies in battle. Fight on the front lines of a dystopian cyberpunk world in this intense first person shooter!

First Assault screenshot 1 First Assault screenshot 2 First Assault screenshot 3 First Assault screenshot 4