Dragomon Hunter – Meet the creatures players have to tame

[Register now] A few weeks ago, players have already met the classes of Dragomon Hunter, and now it’s time to meet the monsters they’ll battle and tame! Aeria Games has just unveiled a new video that showcases a small selection of the wild and unique Dragomon populating the world of Wyveria. With a huge world to traverse, Dragomon Hunter will appeal to the adventurer in everyone!


A few highlights from Dragomon Hunter’s huge roster of creatures:

Darkslate Reptilion, a tough Beastomon protected by plate-like scales and sharp spines. When attacked, it swipes its massive tail to ward off all foes in range.

Toxroach, an Insectomon with huge, gossamer-thin wings. Despite their agility, these wings pack a punch, so keep some distance!

Fungal Croaker, a Hydromon which bears a colorful mushroom on its back. But that’s not all – it has a serious bite, so keep away from its jaws.

Dracofowl, a Drakemon in the Viridian Forest, with ravishing plumage and a sparkling ruby on its head to dazzle its foes.

Dragomon Hunter monsters