Breath of Fire 6 – Android test phase begins in Japan next week

After years of delay, Breath of Fire 6 will finally enter its first test phase for Android devices (Japan only) from 8 to 15 September. Registration for the test is now live till 7 September, although there will apparently be a limited number of lucky gamers who are selected. Breath of Fire 6 is scheduled to launch later this year on Android and iOS devices, along with the web browser version.


For those who are skeptical, there will be cross-platform functions for all three platforms, and they share the same game servers. Other than the standard RPG elements, players will also get to build their own towns, a mode similar to Clash of Clans. Participants of the Android test will be given an exclusive Eye Goo hat. For more info about Breath of Fire 6, read my previous articles here.

Breath of Fire 6 - Eye Goo hat