Tree of Savior – First look at global beta phase on Steam platform

First, let me re-introduce Tree of Savior. The game is developed by IMC Games, founded by Mr Hakkyu Kim (below), also known as the “father of Ragnarok Online” since he led the game’s development back in the early days at Gravity. Mr Kim is now the game’s advisor and left the core development to his team. Only 5,000 gamers are selected and given access to have a first look at the English version.

Mr Hakkyu Kim

Some regions have already gotten its publisher, such as South Korea, China, and even Indonesia. Is IMC Games really launching Tree of Savior as a global game for the English market on Steam? The answer is, no, and as far as my ninjas told me, discussions with various publishers are still ongoing. From my prediction, this Steam version is just for players who do not have local publishers.


The game does look really like Ragnarok Online, a game which I have fond memories of farming zeny to sell and earning extra pocket money. Those were good times. Tree of Savior can be said to be an upgraded version, and the right one. With all these details in mind, here is a first look at Tree of Savior Global Beta, the first English version. There are many more videos at my YouTube channel!


Characters and classes

Q: How many starting classes and characters are there?

There are just 4 starting classes, Swordsman, Archer, Wizard, and Cleric. In the future, players can buy bigger “lodge” from the cash shop to expand the max number of characters created. I feel this is an awesome monetization method, rather than asking players to directly buy “slots”. Developers should be friendly to all gamers!


Q: How many total classes are there now?

In the current version, there are 6 ranks and 11 classes for each starting class. So in total, there are 44 classes.

Q: Are players able to play as all 11 classes with one starting class?

Well, no. At each rank, players will be given a choice to choose from a range of classes to advance to. You have to make your selection carefully!

Tree of Savior - 44 classes

Q: Why are all classes repeated 3 times?

Well, each rank gives players different skills to learn which is “appropriate” to the class. For example, if you choose Swordsman at Rank 1, you can choose Swordsman again at Rank 2, along with learning skills exclusive to a Rank 2 Swordsman. If you are a Highlander at Rank 2, and choose Highlander again at Rank 3, you would learn skills exclusive to the 2nd stage of Highlander.

Tree of Savior - Swordsman family

Q: Can I use skills from my previous classes?

Of course! That is why players must choose carefully, so as not to “mess up”. But then again, I am sure there would be cash items to reset skills, or perhaps even class? Well, that I am not sure.

Q: Would I be needed to manually add the character stats whenever I level up?

Freaking hell yes, just like Ragnarok Online.

Tree of Savior - Stats and skills

Q: Which classes are the best?

Well, starting out, the ranged DPS classes are the usual suspects as there is no need for a tanker. Going further, when bosses get tougher and trickier, I am guessing there would again be a shortage of tanks and healers, just like Rangarok Online 🙂



Q: What control options do I have?

Tree of Savior started out as a keyboard-only online game. For Closed Beta 3 in South Korea, and this English beta, the mouse option was added after feedback from the South Korean gamers. The default option is still keyboard-only, but you can choose any time, and at the start of your adventure when the game prompts you. Gamepad is supported as well, though I am unsure of the models.

I felt the pure keyboard option would not be favorable to most gamers. When was the last time a popular game used this control scheme? The mouse option, though welcomed, seems to require a better optimization as it felt really sluggish. The random lag does not help at all. As I said, this is just the first test for the English version, there is still tons of time to polish this rough jewel.

Q: Is there an option to lock onto a certain target?

Yes, there is, making it easier to fight bosses and PVP.


Q: Are there open world bosses?

I have yet to experience open world bosses, but yes, there are. From what I heard, open world bosses drop set items (below). I haven’t got any set item from the quest bosses thus far.

Tree of Savior - Set item

Q: Are there instanced dungeons?

I have yet to experience a pure instanced dungeon, but during the main story quest, some battles are instanced, and after the battle ends, you end up at the same spot in the open world. For now, there is nothing to warn you if there is a boss in the next part of the quest. I think this should be one of the many optimizations IMC Games should do. If you are in a party, good for you!


Q: How can I find parties?

Well, you can use the old fashion way and shout, or go to the party finder option. The options are not very clear right now, and I think it still needs much work. It is a very basic function.

Q: What are boss cards for?

Some classes will be able to use them to summon bosses as a temporary combat companion, while the rest use them for a mini-game.

Q: Is there PVP now? Or even War of Emperium

There is PVP now, though not open world player kill. Tree of Savior is not designed to be that way, for now I guess. IMC Games should have its hands full on content and the massive class system, large-scale PVP should be on the agenda in the future, but not for now.

Q: Are characters able to jump and avoid certain attacks?

Yes, definitely. Spacebar is your good friend in some boss fights.

Q: Why is your Swordsman doing AOE damage for normal attacks?

Ask the developer! And yes, I assume all classes under the melee Swordsman family deals attack to nearby enemies for normal attacks. Awesome!


Equipment and upgrades

Q: I suppose I can upgrade my equipment to +10 and beyond like any other online games?

Yes, you can. Just purchase an anvil from the Tools Merchant, and follow the instructions! Or simply view the video below, together with crafting. The recipes and materials are of course monster drops.


Q: How about gems? Like, adding gems to my item to make it stronger.

There are many types of gems which comes in different shaps, but each will give a negative status along with the positive one. Take a look at the screenshot below to understand how this works. There is no gem with just positive stats.

Tree of Savior - Gem effect


Q: The music is awesome! Who made them?

The former team who made the music for Ragnarok Online, soundTEMP!

Q: Is there an auction house?

Yes there is.

Q: Are there costumes?

Yes, there are a few costume slots, including the body, face, and head, just like Ragnarok Online.

Q: Is it easy to earn money in the game?

For me, hell no, potions and learning skills are freaking expensive! Just like when I first started playing Ragnarok Online 🙂


Q: When will the game launch?

Refer to the 2nd paragraph at the beginning of the article.

Q: Can you sum up your first experience with the English version of Tree of Savior?

Obviously this version is still very rough on the edges, more in-game guidance is certainly needed (for example telling players the next main quest has a tough ass boss, and partying is a good idea). For the skills, some of them need to be charged up by pressing down the key, and some players might not like this kind of gameplay. It would be good to tell players how each skill is activated.

Tree of Savior - Charging skill

All in all, this version certainly needs more work. I am still unsure what IMC Games’ plans are for this global Steam test server in the long run, but I personally hope a publisher has to balls to step up and sign a global contract (minus the regions which have already confirmed). That would be a wild dream, but I do see the immense potential in Tree of Savior. Hopefully there are good news soon!



  1. IMC stated they would release the game themselves on STEAM.
    I talked about your article with a several players and we all agreed that you were wrong, and you disappoint me.

    As far as I’m concern, mmoculture just lost a lot of credibility.

    • LOL, credibility? I have always stated the Steam version will only be accessible to players without their own local server. And IMC Games will definitely not publish it themselves for the long run. Just wait and see, haha.

  2. oh…also you dont need to buy lots of hp pots…you can also save mp pots since you deal massive amount of physical damage using mace etc.

    this is one of the balancing holes i found on the game… one of 73 builds…

    well…i havent played or tested the game btw… -_-“

    • Not completely true. That applies to Cleric alone and they dont do massive damage unless they are on a specific class that lets them concentrate their stat builds on it. For example Monk which needs a hell of an STR to pull off that large damage.

      FYI, I played the KrCBT and IntCBT the characters that dont usually need potions are long range characters like Archer Class, Mages need them from time to time not unless they are professionals on utilizing the jump and memorizing attack patterns of bosses(this applies on every class). Anyway thats my 2 cents on this matter.

  3. “Q: Which classes are the best?

    Well, starting out, the ranged DPS classes are the usual suspects as there is no need for a tanker. Going further, when bosses get tougher and trickier, I am guessing there would again be a shortage of tanks and healers, just like Rangarok Online”

    Nope. The best class will be Cleric Tree. Pure STR tanker Paladins and Monks. You can deal massive DPS, Tank bosses and most of all, you can heal yourself and protect yourself and buff yourself.. what more can you ask for! Your a Cleric Tree player >,..,<

  4. “be a shortage of tanks and healers, just like Rangarok Online”

    Just like in every single friggin’ mmo, you mean. 😛

    PS: Personally i am hoping that the devs themselves will host the game on steam, it is always best to just outright avoid publishers and host games yourself this way there are no update delays or other “misunderstandings”…

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