King of Wushu – Global connection and cross-platform gameplay planned

Already launched in China on the PlayStation 4 console system, Snail Games recently announced King of Wushu to begin its PC Windows beta this September in China. Perhaps the first action wuxia MOBA game in the world, the developer also promised cross-platform gameplay connection, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and surprisingly, mobile devices, in the future.

King of Wushu - Cross-platform gameplay King of Wushu - Global connection

Snail Games also made a bold presentation, claiming it would build a global connection network where gamers from all around the world are able to play with or against each other. While King of Wushu is slated to eventually launch for the English market, it remains to be seen if such a bold plan would work given the bandwidth problem between the continents, especially for a competitive title.