Final Fantasy XIV – Korean server bracing for official launch this week

On 14 August, the South Korea server for Final Fantasy XIV will finally launch under publisher Eyedentity Mobile. Most probably the last server to launch, the Pay-to-Play business model is retained, which seems risky in the kingdom of Free-to-Play games. Final Fantasy XIV Korea will start off with Patch 2.2, and game producer Naoki Yoshida stated this version will get updates faster.


Eyedentity Mobile has teamed up with Nvidia to promote Final Fantasy XIV, giving away digital in-game items for any 900 series graphics card purchased. 2,000 physical sets of Collector’s Edition are also up for sale, which includes 30 days of game time, art book, soundtrack, USB with 32GB storage, and several digital in-game items. I truly wonder how the game will fare 6 months down.

Final Fantasy XIV Korea - Collector's Edition

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