Final Fantasy XIV – China server celebrating one year anniversary

On 5 September, Shanda Games, will be holding an offline event in Shanghai to celebrate Final Fantasy XIV’s one-year anniversary. Entrance ticket costs around 14.00 USD, and players will be able to purchase merchandise, including T-shirts, toys, and more. A limited number of physical Collector’s Edition will be on sale as well, with Delivery Moogle and Cursor minions as the digital goodies.

Final Fantasy XIV China - Physical collector's edition

Naoki Yoshida, the main man behind the game, will be at the event, with most predicting an announcement for version 3.0, Heavensward. Final Fantasy XIV recently hit a milestone of over 5.6 million players globally, and the Korean server was off to a good start. The in-game events for the China server has already started yesterday, with Minfilia and Thancred obtainable for a short time.

Final Fantasy XIV China - One-year anniversary event