Bless – Developer teases Closed Beta 3 and major game improvements

Since Closed Beta 2 ended in South Korea, Neowiz Bless Studio, the developer of Bless, kept rather quiet about the game’s progress. Recently, a developer article was posted, assuring gamers Bless is still being improved behind the scenes, and the team is working “day and night” to make changes according to feedback from Closed Beta 2. The article also promised news for Closed Beta 3 “soon”.

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One of the changes is the number of quests. According to feedback, there were too many (useless) quests, and many quests were not connected properly. The team has slimmed down the number of quests, made sure the quests chain together, allowing players to level up faster. A new secondary map will be introduced, with guides on which direction and the distance the quest points are.

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Another major change is about combat. Update: According to new reports, all classes will be able to choose between non-target and tab-target modes, which will be available for testing in Closed Beta 3. Players will be able to try these 2 modes out in both PVE and PVP maps.

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A whole list of changes and new features will be added, including PVE and PVP, monster difficulty, guild systems, politics systems, dungeons, and more. For Closed Beta 3, the level cap will be 45. More details will be revealed when Closed Beta 3 and Open Beta is nearer. Neowiz, the parent company of Neowiz Bless Studio, seems to be betting real big on this Unreal Engine 3 game, hope it succeeds!

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  1. I see where there trying to go with having range not tab target some games that have action combat melee gets punished with the way animations work and being able to lock on as a melee would and could fix those issues games have had like vindictus tera where you are swinging in air and trying to land a combo lol looks retarded watching it. Where when your range you really dont have a issue auto target or action combat with no lock on target since they always make the hit box of range pretty big like wild star it was harder to miss an attack then to hit one as a range lol. So i can see where there going with it. It looks good and im excited to see there final product of it.

    • Oh like I’m not tiffed at it just mind boggeled. But At least I am happy they are offering different modes for players too choose from. From two closed betas alone even at the time and how huge the gaps where on the CB’s when I played them (Not sure if I’ll have time for CB3) it was pretty good.

      And I think I do have to agree its the scare of “If we do it one way or push another way the crowd is not going to like it.” And lets be honest the player-base unlike some of us who’s played mmorpgs for 10+ (or anyone at that for a few years) don’t know what they want or no matter what way you build it its going to be someone or a group thats gonna go “ewww WHY..” .

      With that said its primarily why there will never be the perfect game or MMORPG because of this.,.

      and a lot of what was said above…rock bottom…

  2. Well, they most publishers there are absolutely scared of anything resembling difficulty or something new. Real action combat probably scares the shit out of them. And you know, the current target audience of f2p mmos is well … bottom of the barrel / lowest common denominator of possible playerbase.

    Look at the ruin korean geniuses are dragging Tera into …

  3. lol I think they should stick with action…I’ve played both close betas and them going back and forth or going hybrid is mind boggling. I think tab-targeting wouldn’t really be necessary for this game at all. At least that’s how I felt. :c It makes classes fun.

    • Maybe it’s the latest trend, something like: “let’s stick target with no target and giggle at the players who will try and figure how to make that shit work”.
      Like Grindforge did.. ffs it was so annoying when your skills flew sideways from your target because of damn auto-target that kept jumping targets unless you used focus targeting aka tab target… sigh… and they had the ballz to sell that shit as no target and as action combat as well.. it was slow as fuck to be any close to any kind of action level..

  4. i completely agree with Merkadis, tab targetting is lame and the sooner mmo developers realize this the sooner their companies will stop going bankrupt

  5. The hell.. another fake action combat or what?
    I had enough of the retarded mix between target and no-target in Skyforge.. and lemme tell you – it sucked. They better reconsider and make it all no-target not just archers -.-“

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