Tree of Savior – Closed Beta 3 trailer and new updates preview

As announced recently, Tree of Savior will be entering Closed Beta 3 next month in South Korea. While the number of classes remains at 44 with no new additions, there are a couple of new changes for developer IMC Games and the players to try out. First, there are changes to the overall world maps’ levels, which means some areas are now easier, some are now for higher level characters.


Second, there are 18 new maps, including several new boss monsters, with the level cap now at 200. Third, players will get to test the first version of the party match-making system, with bugs expected and feedback required from the testers. Finally, there will be a new casual card battle system, team PVP (only 1 vs 1 previously), and also the addition of mouse support (only keyboard previously).

Tree of Savior - Casual card-battle mode