LINE Dragonica Mobile – Popular online game launches on mobile

Asiasoft has announced the official launch of it new mobile game, LINE Dragonica Mobile for Android and iOS users. The game is available for download in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. LINE Dragonica Mobile adopts the best features from the PC version of Dragonica (or Dragon Saga) and optimized them for a modern mobile gaming experience.


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Gamers can now reminisce their favorite battles against the dragon, Elga, in LINE Dragonica Mobile. The favourite classes of the game, Warrior, Magician and Thief are also available in this mobile edition. Players can unleash their dragon slaying skills and wonder in the land of dragons through modified game modes like the PvP League, Party Raids and the single-player Adventure mode.


LINE Dragonica Mobile features the signature fast-paced and exciting combo attacks, along with optimized features including material alchemy, pets, armory and weaponry systems. The game is developed by South Korean games studio Funigloo and licensed by Gravity Corporation. Co-published by LINE, the game supports log in via LINE ID, LINE friend invite and LINE payment features.

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