Iron Sight – New futuristic military online shooter announced

In a time where developers are focused on mobile games, PC client games have taken a huge step backwards, including online shooters. A breath of fresh air was introduced, and it is known as Iron Sight, developed for four years by Wiple Games, set to enter Closed Beta under Neowiz (Pmang) later this year. The game was actually revealed last year, though the first time it is under its publisher.


Powered by the in-house Iron Engine, Iron Sight is an online military shooter based on the war over natural resources between two factions, NAF (North Atlantic Forces) and EDEN. Taking place in the year 2025, Wiple Games added several futuristic weapons and gadgets into the mix, including drones of different functions. There are over 100 types of weapons, all with customizable parts and decal.

Iron Sight factions

Wiple Games mentioned the game elements are still designed to be realistic, hence there will not be over-the-top weapons. Mentioned above, drones seem to be one of the core features, which provide additional firepower or tactical advantage when put to good use. Iron Sight will have interactive objects, such as destructible structures and driving vehicles around, pretty similar to Battlefield.

Iron Sight screenshot