Heroes of the Storm – The Eternal Conflict game event is now live

[Game website] Now live in Heroes of the Storm, the Eternal Conflict is an epic, multiweek event that expands the game into a whole new realm. Other than adding three new characters from the Diablo universe, the war between immortals heralds a variety of Diablo-themed character skins and mounts and opens the gates to two thrilling new Battlegrounds, starting with the Battlefield of Eternity.


Players will need to defend their core and attack the enemy while supporting their Immortal, a massive angel—or demon—duking it out against their counterpart in the center of the map. Available in-game starting today, this Battleground features unique themed mercenaries such as Fallen shaman and Khazra impalers with Battleground-specific powers. Watch out for the elusive Treasure Goblins!

Heroes of the Storm - The Eternal Conflict screenshot 1 Heroes of the Storm - The Eternal Conflict screenshot 2

The Butcher is ready to face all who have sinned! Despite his formidable bulk, he is a DPS melee Assassin who gains strength by gathering “fresh meat” from fallen enemies. The Butcher’s Brand ability debuffs enemies so that he gains life with each attack, and he can also bring Lambs to the Slaughter, chaining his hapless victims to a post for the four longest seconds of their puny lives.