World of Jade Dynasty – Perfect World reveals new MMORPG in China

After a decade of development experience, Perfect World recently announced its next-generation MMORPG in China, World of Jade Dynasty. The game, which will launch for consoles as well, is crafted using a brand new in-house engine, loosely translated as “Mirage Mirror”.  Effects such as long distance view, lighting and shadows, seasonal changes, and 3D interactions will be greatly enhanced.


Players can expect massive, large scale PVP wars, which will involve flying battleships inspired by ancient Chinese designs. World of Jade Dynasty will also embrace multiple choices and endings for the same quests, all up to players’ choices. Perfect World is touting “sandbox” elements, allowing players to building their personal “utopia”, which should be a customized personal housing system.

World of Jade Dynasty - Massive PVP wars

Server vs Server PVP will be available, using the concept of “two worlds colliding” and creating a wormhole. Perfect World teased entering these wormholes might bring players to secret places as well. Finally, when players are facing really strong bosses, they will be able to “combine” and summon a gigantic mystical beast to aid in the fight. I am guessing it is some kind of formation skill.

World of Jade Dynasty - Combination skill

World of Jade Dynasty will have a very small limited test on 23 June in China, and I am guessing this is just the pre-Alpha phase. I am not really convinced by the quality of Chinese games over the past years, since most are really just strong marketing terms used while not really realized in the game. Will World of Jade Dynasty finally be the shining light from the over-promised games of past?

World of Jade Dynasty image