MapleStory – Top tourist spot added as new map in Taiwan server

MapleStory must be doing really well in Taiwan, as developer Nexon has made some pretty awesome localized content over the years for this particular server. Publisher Beanfun (Gamania) announced the new Alishan content update today, specially made for low level players. If you did not know, Alishan is one of Taiwan’s top tourist attractions, boasting awesome views of the daily sunrise.

MapleStory Taiwan - Alishan image MapleStory Taiwan - Alishan town

Other than the scenic maps, there will be a bunch of new non-playable characters (NPCs), a new town, monsters and bosses, a new line of quests, and quest rewards (accessories). Costumes based on the Alishan natives for both male and female characters are also on sale in the cash shop. This particular update will probably not hit any servers outside of Asia, given the truly localized design.

MapleStory Taiwan - Alishan details