MapleStory 2 – Online pre-launch event reveals new content and trailer

[Source] Nexon Korea was supposed to have a live event to celebrate the upcoming launch of MapleStory 2, but it was cancelled due to the deadly MERS virus. An online version was instead held over the weekend, with members from MapleStory 2’s development team giving players a preview of the new content available at launch (7 July) and beyond. A new CG trailer debuted as well!

July game Update

– Level cap raised to level 40
– Map expansion (including Shadow World)
– New skills
– Two new four-man party dungeons
– A new boss called Captain Mock
– Returning boss from MapleStory 1, Papulatus!
– More hairstyles
– Guild Championship season 2

August game Update

– Level cap raised to level 50
– Second map expansion (including Shadow World)
– Dungeon boss Balrog
– 1,000,000 new housing areas
– Guild Championship season 3
– Other various things under development currently

The new level 40 maps, available shortly after the game launches, will introduce new open field bosses. The two new four-man  dungeons are known as Underground Castle Kidnapping and Protect the Enchantments of Life. There will also be four new high-level dungeon boss monsters, requiring up to 10 people to take them down! More information can be found at the Orange Mushroom blog!

MapleStory 2 - Launch new dungeon bosses