Burstfire – Former Hawken staff announce new online shooter

[Alpha register] As I read the game’s introduction, I was really amazed at the descriptive term of “slow paced first-person shooter”. This is Burstfire, the first title from Nacho Games, composed of several former members behind the mecha brawler, Hawken. The “slow pace” feature of the game is to enable team-oriented 5 vs 5 gameplay, where one team is the defender while the other the attacker.

Burstfire screenshot 1

Before each round begins, defenders starts to establish defensive positions, fortify choke points, and lay traps, while the attacking team strategizes against the defenders’ preparations. Tactical planning and teamwork are still key: Burstfire rewards careful movement and precise shooting rather than reckless play, and losing a life on a risky maneuver can cripple the team’s capabilities.

Burstfire screenshot 2

Eschewing the traditional model of rigid classes that fit pre-defined roles, Burstfire offers players free choice of dozens of weapons, tools, and pieces of tactical gear. In the near future, weapons can be further customized with attachments and cosmetic changes to fit different play-styles. Burstfire is published by Free Reign Entertainment, the publishing arm of Arktos Entertainment Group.

Burstfire game features


  1. I’m sorry, but I played Hawken for mechs. This game has no mechs, so no support from me.

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