Asker: The Light Swallowers – Closed Beta 2 to begin later this month

Korean developer and publisher, Neowiz Games, recently announced its new non-target action MMORPG, Asker: The Light Swallowers, will enter Closed Beta 2 from 25 June to 28 June. The game is pretty similar to the mechanics found in Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus), with instanced dungeons and gender-locked classes preferred. Overseas, Asker has only been announced for China.


For Closed Beta 2, several changes were made: adding the HBAO+ technology for better graphics; changing the way how monsters reacts, especially for the bosses with smarter AI; and new interactive gadgets to aid players in dungeons such as arrow carts. There will be 35 dungeons, with no new classes added to the lineup of Tempest, Soulbreaker and Flare (all renamed from Closed Beta 1).

Asker - Closed Beta 2 image