Lord of Vermilion: Arena – Square Enix launching first MOBA next month

Based on the hit arcade game, Square Enix will be launching Lord of Vermilion: Arena into the Open Beta phase on 4 June in Japan. Developers there are now targeting the largely untapped eSports market, and Square Enix is trying hard to diversify its offerings. Updates to the Open Beta client include 15 new summons, more story mode content, enhanced tutorial, improved UI and more.

For those who are not sure about how Lord of Vermilion: Arena plays, do refer to my past articles for gameplay videos. Basically, players create characters like any RPG games, and form a card deck based on different summons. In the game, players can use these summons to fight for them, while also dealing damage themselves. Lord of Vermilion: Arena uses a 7 vs 7 format rather than 5 vs 5.

Lord of Vermilion Arena screenshot 1 Lord of Vermilion Arena screenshot 2