Heroes of Newerth – Garena acquires MOBA development team

[Source] Garena, the number one eSports platform and MOBA publisher in Southeast Asia, has acquired the entire Heroes of Newerth development team and established a brand new studio in the US, Frostburn Studios. Garena is currently the publisher of Heroes of Newerth in the Southeast Asia region, where it is extremely popular in Thailand. Frostburn Studios will focus on adding even more game content to Heroes of Newerth to continue its growth.

The deal between Garena and the team (formerly under S2 Games) actually started back in June 2014. Heroes of Newerth is celebrating its 5th anniversary, and Tencent is looking to market the game more widely soon in China. Speaking of Tencent, it is actually a major investor in Garena, which might mean Tencent now technically owns both League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth.. What a major coup for the Chinese gaming juggernaut!