Core Masters – Korean server closing after operating for less than a year

Earlier today, developerSoft Big Bang announced the closure of Core Masters’ South Korean server, which will happen on 15 June. Standard processes such as stopping of top-up and refunding will be carried out before then. Core Masters initially launched back in August last year, with Pmang (Neowiz Games) as the publisher, aiming to take a slice of the growing eSports market.

Core Masters - South Korea closure announcement

The Southeast Asia and Taiwan servers, under Garena, launched just a couple of months back. It remains unclear how the closure of the South Korean main server will affect them. Similarly, the fate of the China server, which just entered Closed Beta last month under ChangYou, remains unknown. Are MOBA titles such as League of Legends, DOTA 2 and SMITE really in their own league?

Core Masters competitve team mode