Swordsman Online – China server adding new Hermit class this week

Perfect World is preparing a massive update for Swordsman Online in China in just three days for the China server, and the main highlight is the first new class since launch, Hermit. With no clear affiliation with any other schools or clans, the Hermit (according to storyline) is just looking to seek out Dongfang Bubai, or The Invincible East. Hermit’s weapon of choice is an eagle and a dagger.


Swordsman Online is based on a classic novel, and gamers are not happy with how Perfect World based the new class on a character in Louis’ previous novels, Legend of the Condor Heroes and Return of the Condor Heroes. The “real” Hermit, known as 独孤求败, or One Who Seeks Defeat, wields a giant sword with a giant condor at his side, and died ages before the story of Swordsman.

Swordsman Online China - Hermit class screenshot 1 Swordsman Online China - Hermit class screenshot 2

Perfect World once mentioned there is only so much content in the original novel, and will have to think out of the box to expand the storyline. I am guessing the gamers in the English server wouldn’t mind the storyline that much, though. In the update is also a new instanced dungeon, along with several new gear functions. I wonder if the English server is still populated now.

Swordsman Online China - Hermit class artwork